Why You Can’t Ignore the Power Of Video

    May 3, 2014

    Want a boring website? The easiest way to do it is to ignore the power of video.

    You can scroll down and read why your startup website needs to have an explainer video, or just take a look at this video. The choice is yours…

    A website with only text has few takers these days. People are quick to decide if they want to stick around on your website and a page with heavy text has its work cut out for it. It’s boring for people to read and even harder to retain.

    A simple example: two years ago if you had to look up a recipe to whip up a meal you’d probably Google it. But today you’d most definitely YouTube it. YouTube is now one of the largest search engines.

    As a business your primary goal is to get people to stick around and a “video” is the most effective and powerful message communicator. Boil down your startup’s product or service into an engaging and entertaining story and put your message out there: on your website, on Youtube and social media. A video on YouTube works as inbound marketing driving traffic and paying customers to your startup.

    Another benefit is that a website with videos is likely to rank higher on Google searches as well. It’s great for your startup’s SEO.

    Video is the way to go, so get out that camera and start rolling. Or let HopMotion make one for you!

    Here’s one we made for our friends over at Nirmata.

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