HopMotion Expands in Hyderabad

    January 9, 2018

    Hoppo has a new home and our young team invited the New year with great aplomb in its new office in the city of Hyderabad. The new office with its 3000 sq feet floor space is located close to the Hi tech city area and Hoppo couldn’t be more proud. With the creative arm still in Mumbai, Hopmotion growing needs will be met with the talent pool of the city. Hopmotion is completely fuelled to focus on creating original content and catering to the demand of high quality animation service work with its new facility powered by Toon Boom Harmony.

    HopMotion expands in Hyderabad.

    HopMotion expands in Hyderabad.

    HopMotion_Hyderabad02 HopMotion_Hyderabad03 HopMotion_Hyderabad04 HopMotion_Hyderabad05 HopMotion_Hyderabad06 HopMotion_Hyderabad07 HopMotion_Hyderabad08

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