Hoppo’s Top 10 Animated Film Villains We Love to Hate.

    October 14, 2016


    HopMotion’s Top 10 Animated Film Villains We Love to Hate.

    HopMotion’s Top 10 Animated Film Villains We Love to Hate.

    Good would never be good if there wasn’t any evil to challenge it, would it?

    No white knight with smokey eyes, a perfect jaw line and broad shoulders, swinging his solid sword would be remembered for his gutsy deed if he didn’t have a fiery villainous dragon to slay. Our universally admired hero would just end up being a bored pretentious show off if it wasn’t for a wicked, menacing villain. Without the villain, none of the stuff we watch up on the screen would be entertaining enough.

    Secretly, we thrive for a badass villain to get introduced. And the bigger the hero, the more powerful the villain needs to be. Every super hero has a super villain who can match her. Therefore, the baddies too deserve to go down the hall of fame.

    Check out HopMotion’s list of Top Ten Villains… actually no, the top ten Hero-Makers of Animated Films.

    10) Gru – Despicable Me 1

    Any one who owns an Army of Minions deserves to be on this list. Using these yellow, twinkilicious creatures Gru decides to, wait for it… Steal the Moon! An impossible task made even more difficult when he adopts 3 oh-so- -googly-woogly-woosh kids. Kids that he got in to help him in his mission. However, what makes Gru an interesting villain is that he’s one with a heart of gold. A heart he discovers he still has thanks to the 3 kids. Finally Gru changes his diabolical ways and opts for a new life filled with friendship, love and other boring things. How sweet right? No! That’s why he’s number 10 on our list.

    9) Cruella Di Vil – 101 Dalmatians

    If the Devil were a woman, she would be Cruella Di Vil. Let this be a warning, a cautionary tale for all those fur lovers. And in Cruella you’ll find a woman who’s gone over the edge for her love of the “furry”. Yes! She’s the right mixture of cruel and devil. I mean how else do you justify a psychopath who relishes killing adorable puppies simply for the sake of wearing a spotted fur coat? And when she doesn’t get her way by sweet-talking, she decides to go to extreme lengths to steal them. She’s aristocracy gone awry. Puppiez!!!

    8) Scar – Lion King

    When you first saw The Lion King, you knew Scar wasn’t someone you wanted as your uncle. He was the kind of person who would do anything to reach the top and even killed off the main character in a Disney Movie! OMG sacrilege! Trust me my friends, this is not an easy feat to achieve. Scar is the king of jealousy, the king of insensitivity and the king of selfishness and all evil things. Well, at least he got to be king of something. Besides, for a villain he can crank out a hell of a menacing musical number.

    7) Maleficent – Sleeping Beauty

    Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned and this woman when scorned went completely ballistic. And do we blame her? She was the only one not invited to the Princesses’ christening party. Her motive was to take revenge on the daughter of a king and queen responsible for this. She’s cunning, classy, and sinister, knows her powers well and is not being brought back to life by a stellar Hollywood star! Also, she’s half human, half Dragon. Need we say more?

    6) Jafar – Aladdin

    Gone are the simple days when villains wanted to simply take over the world. But don’t worry, for all those feeling nostalgic: there’s Jafar. He became a villain precisely for the clichéd reason why characters become villains- to rule over the world. But not every villain can hypnotize the Sultan, transform into a gigantic Cobra, and force someone as pretty as Jasmine to marry them. However, Jaffar is not such a cut and dry villain as he seems, this is evident in his sense of humor. His fate, in the end, is fitting for the evil ways he has unleashed. I sure hope this villain number 6 doesn’t suffer from claustrophobia.

    5) Share Khan – The Jungle Book

    You know you should fear a character who can convince ever animal in the jungle to beware of him. Sher Khan had that evil smile on his face as he walked around with poise and honor while thinking of ways to brutalize those who came in his way. Number five on our list is a malevolent King of the jungle we love to hate.


    4) Randal – Monsters Inc.

    So, is he a lizard? Is he a chameleon? Whatever he be, Randall Boggs sure as hell is creepy. His design itself is unnerving and if he weren’t in a Pixar movie he would definitely be a pedophile. He’s arrogant, smooth talking, mean and he’s always up to something, whether he’s trying to raise his scare numbers, or whether he’s kidnapping kids to solve some energy crisis; this purple blue lizard crawls up to number four on our list.

    3) Syndrome – The Incredibles

    It’s difficult and almost impossible to like Syndrome even though you might connect with him. Maybe because he was once the biggest fan of The Incredibles before he lost his mind. Or Maybe this has to do with the fact that he uses his genius brain to become a Super Villain, or maybe because of his complete lack of sympathy or empathy (he’s ready to slaughter a mother and her children for Pete sake) or maybe it’s just his annoying gravity-defying haircut. Good thing is, he dies a gruesome death in the movie; at least we don’t get to see him again.

    2) Lotso Hugging Bear – Toy Story 3

    He is the villain you’d least expect to hate. The best part is, Lotso’s the Don or shall I say the Dictator of the playschool and with his bunch of baddies he’s about to serve Woody and his friends a fresh breakfast of hell “Sunnyside” up! But what makes Lotso a layered villain is his heart breaking back story. Your heart melts for this villain but not enough. He’s bitter, twisted, heartless and emotionless, this is one teddy bear you don’t want to cuddle at night.

    1) Sid Phillips – Toy Story 1

    Anyone whose idea of fun is torturing and blowing up Toys is the evilest person that can ever exist. Yes, Snips and snails and puppy dogs’ tails – that’s what Sid is made of. He is the meanest of them all. Sid is number one not just because he is the meanest, worst baddie of them all, he also happens to start in the best-animated film of our times. The most disturbing thing about Sid is- we have all known, or worse, have been Sids once in our lifetime.

    So that’s Hoppo’s top ten list of animated baddies. We would love to hear what you think. Do you agree with our list? Did we miss your favorite villain? Drop us a line in the comments section.

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