Meet the Stars of Modern Activity

    November 15, 2013

    Meet the Stars of Modern Activity.

    Meet the Stars of Modern Activity.

    They are every teacher’s worst nightmare: black-listers, backbenchers, the defamed four, potty mouthed ruffians who are interested in all things adult and foul. They are here to take their South Bombay school Modern Activity by storm. The business minded Gujju Kartik Mehta, the motor mouth Maka Pav Savio Miranda, the malai maska loving apro scraedy cat Bawaji Burges Gyara and the numb as a knuckle Naim Kajalwalla makeup the terror brigade of standard five.

    For this irreverent bunch school is no place for rules. Chaos and anarchy form the norm and they are here to take us on a not-so-childish roller-coaster misadventures. Totally wild and uncensored, Coming Soon to a you tube channel near you!

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