Modern Activity Short Teaser 2

    January 21, 2014

    After the launch of Modern Activity’s teaser at the Film and Comic Convention Mumbai, Hoppo.TV is busy bursting the fireworks with the launch of teaser two exclusively on Animation Xpress.

    Check out the teaser of Modern Activity below and be sure to subscribe to Hoppo.TV’s YouTube Channel for full webisodes of the series.

    To give you a gist, from the makers of… Oh hang on! We actually haven’t made anything before. Inspired by high school friends in real life… Sorry we take that back! Word’s just come in from our legal team that we could get sued for saying that so let’s just say this show doesn’t bare any resemblance to school friends or teachers either living or dead. We promise.
    So from makers who have made nothing, and based on nothing, comes a comedy web series so funny that it’ll knock your nothings off (or insert a cliché of your choice). Starring Kartik Mehta, Savio Miranda, Burges Gyara and Naim Kajalwalla, Modern Activity is one South Bombay high school where rules just don’t apply! A bunch of fifth graders wreck havoc with boogers, nose farts, the extinct Parsi accent and a really fast talking makka-pav wise ass, along with special appearances from porn stars, hip hop star body doubles, love struck zombies, well endowed school teachers and the school ice cream man whose accent we just can’t place. Only the zany will survive.
    From two out of work film writers comes a crazy, ludicrous, uncensored show that could well get blacklisted. Hoppo.TV proudly presents Modern Activity.

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