Graveyard Shift at HopMotion – The Zombie Mannequin Challange

    November 26, 2016

    Today, we witnessed the case of an extremely unstable virus spread in the HopMotion sector, with a multiplication rate of a whopping 60% per minute!

    On reaching the infected zone it was found that everyone was diseased and were rummaging for human brains. While some others may have escaped, we advise everyone to stay indoors to avoid any contact with these zombies. Studies show that there are two things this virus makes one do, eat brains and take part in a mannequin challenge. 

    We have taken the liberty to bring the news to you first.

    Is this the apocalypse , a zombie invasion or a virus perhaps…Nope! The sun sets on the world and its denizens sleep. But for an animation company on a tight deadline behind the curtain of mist lies another truth. 

    Team HopMotion  toils and sweats till their pupils pop out, bloodshot, having started at their computer screens day in and day out. Their fingers stiff and gray gripping their stylus pens frozen in a pose.

    They are hungry, ravenous actually, but they continue to work the graveyard shift. These ashen faces reveal but one thing: when the team looks like zombies late in the night they are a bloody hardworking bunch.

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